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Seattle Hand at this time will continue to see patients who have had recent injuries including fractures, cuts and lacerations, tendon or soft tissue injuries or new injuries or hand infection.  If you feel your injury is life threatening please call 911.  Otherwise please feel free to contact us for advice before going to an ER.

Seattle Hand staff are still answering our phones Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-5:00 pm.  pm.  We have a 24/7 answering service the rest of the time.

Seattle Hand Surgery Group will now be using telemedicine for established patient visits that are non-urgent/emergent. We will have convenient hours to video conference with your Seattle Hand Doctor. As of now, we are scheduling non-urgent patients for sunnier times, and are caring for those that need to be seen in person in the office.

As you may know, the world is experiencing an expanding outbreak of respiratory illness COVID-19 caused by a new coronavirus.  We are monitoring the outbreak and updating our clinical protocols based on WA State Department of Health and CDC Guidelines daily.  All patients will to be screened upon making an appointment.  We ask that adult patients not requiring extra help or language interpretation arrive solo.  Please ask escorts to wait in the car or somewhere outside where they can also practice social distancing.



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One of the more common bones to break around the wrist is the scaphoid (sometimes called the navicular). The scaphoid is one of the first bones of the base of the hand (carpal bones) and sits on the end of one of the two forearm bones called the radius. Its location between the forearm and the hand combined with its narrow-waisted, peanut shape make it particularly vulnerable to breaking when the wrist is forcibly bent back…



The Seattle Hand Surgery Group® is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and care of hand, wrist and upper extremity injuries and disorders. Whether you suffer from a chronic disorder, a deformity, or have the misfortune of an acute injury, it is the sole focus of the Seattle Hand orthopedic surgeons to ensure high-quality comprehensive treatment and a speedy recovery.

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