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It is the mission of The Seattle Hand Surgery Group® to be the leader in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients with hand, wrist, and upper extremity injuries and disorders in the Puget Sound Region. All of our surgeons are board certified in Orthopedic Surgery and have a Certificate of Added Qualifications for surgery of the hand. All of the Surgeons have also completed an additional year of training in surgery of the hand and upper extremity.

History of The Seattle Hand Surgery Group®

The Seattle Hand Surgery Group® had its beginning when Dr. Morris J. Dirstine returned from World War II. As a general surgeon, he had been put in charge of a hand surgery unit in Europe; the hand trauma cases he encountered led to his keen interest in this field. He returned to Seattle after the war and began a practice devoted to hand surgery. He was a pioneer in this specialty in Seattle and helped foster its growth and advancement. He died in 1983 and is still remembered fondly for his kindness and compassion towards patients and his willingness to teach others.

Each of our doctors has a special interest and brings their expertise to our clinic. Many of our doctors are teachers and lecture at various hospitals in the area. The Seattle Hand Surgery Group® has formed relationships with many of the hospitals in the Seattle area and the doctors from our clinic have privileges in these hospitals.

Dr. Edward E. Almquist joined Dr. Dirstine in 1969. Dr. Almquist's special interest in children led him to team with Children's Hospital. He participated in the hand clinic at Children's Hospital until he reduced his practice in 1999.

Dr. John T. Sack joined the group in 1978. One of Dr. Sack's special interests is in replantations, known to the layman as reattaching. Dr. Sack finds teaching rewarding. He participates in the education of residents at Harborview, the University of Washington, and the Veteran's Hospital.

Dr. Stephen E. Fuhs joined us in 1980, bringing on board his specific knowledge of rheumatoid arthritis. He enjoys helping patients with all forms of arthritis.

Dr. Carleton A. Keck, Jr. joined in 1988. Dr. Keck's interests include elbow and wrist trauma and disorders. Dr. Keck's computer knowledge has enabled him to aid in research at The Seattle Hand Surgery Group®

Dr. Roberta Brockman joined in 1994. Her death in January of 2000 saddened our entire practice. Dr. Brockman took a special interest in children, especially those with congenital deformities. Dr. Brockman successfully treated disorders specific to musicians. As a musician she was able to bring a special knowledge and compassion to those patients.

Dr. William F. Wagner, Jr. joined in 1997. His interests include arthroscopy, treatment of the wrist, and sports related upper extremity disorders. Dr. Wagner continues to contribute to orthopedic journals as well as participating in studies.

Dr. John A. Miyano joined in 1998 after having trained with The Seattle Hand Surgery Group® surgeons during his fellowship. His interests include arthritis and related joint problems, fractures and dislocations, and nerve and tendon disorders. Dr. Miyano's practice includes children with congenital deformities as well as pediatric injuries.


Dr. Elizabeth S. Joneschild joined in 2004. Her interests include fracture treatment for adults and children as well as common hand conditions.


Our original location was in the Cobb Building in downtown Seattle. We moved to the Heath Building on First Hill in July, 1970, and then to our current location at 600 Broadway in 1992.

Many doctors from our clinic are associated with various societies including, the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, the British Society for Surgery of the Hand, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the Washington State Medical Association.


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