The Seattle Hand Surgery GroupĀ® is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and care of hand, wrist and upper extremity injuries and disorders. Whether you suffer from a chronic disorder, a deformity, or have the misfortune of an acute injury, it is the sole focus of the Seattle Hand orthopedic surgeons to ensure high-quality comprehensive treatment and a speedy recovery.

Your visit to Seattle Hand is supported by our convenient, in-clinic x-ray imaging center, and should follow-up therapy care be warranted, treatment at the adjacent Seattle Hand Rehabilitation Clinic. While most patients benefit from conservative treatments, in the event surgery is required, the Seattle Hand Surgery Unit offers a safe, comfortable, and convenient setting for outpatient surgeries that do not require general anesthetic. Should more comprehensive surgery needs arise, the Seattle Hand Surgeons are all privileged providers at several area hospitals including the adjacent Swedish Hospital and the Swedish Orthopedic Institute.


Comprehensive Orthopedic Services

The health care profession is different from other businesses in that we provide a service to patients who come to us in distress as a result of illness or injury. In order to help patients, we offer a wide range of professional services including diagnosis and treatment of injuries and conditions of the hand and upper extremities, x-rays, surgery, and therapy.


On the Job Injuries

We have extensive experience in dealing with and processing claims through the state Department of Labor & Industries. We treat many patients with on-the-job injuries, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, sprains, and fractures.



Our hand therapists are Physical and/or Occupational Therapists. They specialize in the development of motor skills and the performance of exercises to enhance independent living and the teaching of independent living skills for physical and psychomotor dysfunction. They have four to five years of college or graduate level training, with either a Bachelor of Science or Masters degree. A certified hand therapist is an Occupational or Physical Therapist that has extensive experience in hand therapy and has passed a hand therapy certification exam.



Our surgeons are able to perform many of their operations in the ambulatory surgery center located within our suite. For cases that cannot be done in the ambulatory surgery center, our physicians also have privileges at Swedish Medical Center, Providence Medical Center, The Seattle Surgery Center, Childrens Hospital, and University Hospitals. If surgery is required, the doctor's assistant will help you set the date and time, as well as work with you to get a referral from your insurance if necessary.


Insurance and Billing

We bill most commercial insurers. Our physicians are affiliated with a wide range of insurance plans, including Medicare and Labor & Industry. If you are not sure of your insurance benefits, please inquire prior to your visit. We automatically bill your primary insurance, and will also bill secondary or supplemental insurance as well. If you have no insurance, our office requires that you pay a deposit before seeing the doctor. We are happy to set up a payment plan for the balance on your account after insurance payment of benefits.


Prescriptions and Refills

Our medical assistants will be happy to call in a prescription or refill prescription for you any time before 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please have your pharmacy number ready for the assistant.




As a new patient, please arrive 15 minutes early and bring:


• Your insurance information and card.


• A referral if your insurance requires it (if you are not sure if you need a referral, please call your insurance company).


• All of your chart notes, test results, operation reports (if requested), and x-rays from ALL the doctors you have seen for this condition.


Appointments may be scheduled by calling 206.292.6252.


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206.292.6252 or 800.888.6252